About Me

After 35 years of research, apprenticeship and practice, I discovered the Higher Self.


Jean Sullivan is a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Shamanic counselor, author, lecturer and trainer. After years of reading metaphysical books it took a business calamity to lead her to her Higher Self and a spiritual awakening. Her life’s work since then has been to understand, teach and share the limitless healing power of the Higher Self.

Her innovative technique combines the power of the Higher Self with a variety of personal empowerment tools learned under master healers around the world. In over 40 years of research and practice, she has learned to communicate with and use the power of the Higher Self to remove resistance and fear so that emotional, physical, mental or spiritual wounds can be healed.

In her private practice in California, Jean is committed to a healing partnership with each client, honoring the individual’s own ability to heal. Jean also conducts a variety of training programs, personal development workshops and healing seminars in Europe and the United States.