Ask Jean

Over the years people have asked a number of questions regarding working with the Higher Self. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question please send it to me by e-mail.

I have worked with many rebirthers and know how effective the work is. I also know that surrender is not a one-time experience. Beliefs take many forms and hide in the shadows of our consciousness until we are strong enough to allow the Light of Spirit to be shined on them. Just when you have the strength to surrender one belief, up comes another and the surrender can come from a movie, a stranger’s comment, an emotional blow or a visit to a healer. It all depends on us and our willingness to see the truth.

No, the transformation that you are seeking doesn’t come from the outside. Consciousness rarely comes in a workshop. It can open the door if YOU are ready but connecting to the Higher Self takes practice and guidance in order to remove resistance. The connection is already there and waiting for you, it is your own self-doubt, ego protection, response to physical emotions that suppress the connection. I mention this because many people, including myself, believed that they would find something outside of themselves. What I discovered and I am sure many other teachers will agree, is that you learn your Spirituality through the senses. Unfortunately, in the belief that we must be pure and good to find that “superior sphere” as you call it, we neglect to pay attention to the messages that are coming in regularly from that sphere. That’s where a guide, counselor or teacher comes in. When we are READY, we will listen to the truth and only then. And it usually comes from living a life of “quiet desperation” as a famous writer once said. I hope this helps in your understanding of your own process. Because it is only about that – nothing else.

Channeling can be learned. For some people it comes naturally though it is often a response to severe trauma. When a person cannot handle the situation they find themselves in, they “leave” their bodies and are able to communicate with the spirit world. It can be very soothing and comforting for the person in times of great stress. But you can also learn to become a good channeler with practice. I’ve taught it for many years and seldom seen anyone who can’t channel if the intention is there. Right now you don’t know how to interpret the messages you are naturally receiving. Your focus has been on the external for most of your life, as is most people’s. Meditation will help but you can seek out a guide or healer to help you get in touch with the guidance in a more direct way. Perhaps, someone in the group would be willling to help you. Also, the messages from guides and the Higher Self come to people in different ways. With some it is through words, for some it’s images and for others, it is a feeling or thought pattern that is interpreted by the person. If you are seeing black there could be several possibilities – there is resistance, or fear or you might get your information in some other way. The great thing is that you are beginning on a journey that will lead you to wonderful experiences and a greater understanding of yourself.

I will try to explain briefly about what I do. My work is not truly hypnosis. Hypnosis is just a tool that I use to relax a client so that they can focus on what’s going on inside. That is where the Higher Self exists and can only be heard if we quiet down. The Higher Self does everything It can to communicate with us but we turn a deaf “ear“. My job is to be the intermediary between the client and his/her Higher Self. Over 25 years I have been taught by my Higher Self and my clients’ what blocks our communication, what blocks the healing, how to understand the messages, how to revisit a painful memory and heal it and finally, how to do this process for yourself. Hypnosis, guided imagery, guided meditation, visualization are all tools that I use to connect with that greater part of ourselves that knows everything about us and how to heal our wounds.

To answer your questions let me explain that I leave the “work” to your Higher Self. When someone is on a very conscious path and has cleared the way to receive the guidance it can be a wonderful and enlightening experience for both the client and me. I worked with a number of people who are ready for this kind of guidance and I feel blessed to be able to share it. My job is as mediator (shaman) to allow the guidance to get through any resistance or belief systems that most of us carry. My first session with you would be to see where your Higher Self takes you and then you make the choice to continue or not. As a healer of many years I find myself continually surprised by the hidden agendas that we all carry that block our energy. The process is more of a letting go than gaining a more enhanced state of mind thus I don’t focus on any particular topics at the beginning because the Higher Self knows your intention and will provide exactly what you need to let go of to progress. If this sounds like the right move for you I would be more than happy to accompany you on that journey.

Soul evolution is a big subject and I’m not quite sure that I have an answer to your question regarding resistance. My feeling is that we come in with some issues to tackle and we spend a good part of our physical lives believing in the illusion, therefore, resisting. When the pain gets to great or we get too tired, we finally surrender and begin to connect to our soul. Even then we do some of the work and retreat back to the illusion, the fear until we get a sharp reminder from our soul that there’s more work to be done. I’m an old Seth fan and I like the idea of simultaneous selves and parts of our soul doing other things in other places. I’m also very convinced now that the body is extremely important to our soul work, that we must integrate the body, mind and spirit in order for our soul to evolve. I probably am “singing to the choir” and please forgive me if I’ve done that.

Yes you can. You can certainly trust your Higher Self to help you break down the walls that you have erected and when you feel more trusting of yourself. However, it would be a big help to have a healer/guide/counselor take you through the areas where you resist letting go. Our own resistance is the hardest to recognize.

If your lower chakras are blocked or the energy there cannot be perceived you need to find a way to open that up by grounding yourself. Look for the reason you might have left your own body.

It is a difficult job to recognize your own resistance. Believe me, I have tried. Having said that, it can be done if you will ask the resistance to lift. Allow yourself to relax, try to feel your body and if you sense the resistance just ask your Higher Self to remove it. If you are not having any success, then ask for healing strength.



I wish I could give you some useful information but I don’t know anyone in your area. I created the work you read out of years of personal exploration, private practice, group experiences and master teachers but I put it all together myself in a form that my Higher Self thought would suit me. Though I’ve taught many people what I’ve learned they’re scattered all over the place.