Resistance Example

The following is a recent session I had in my chat room. Although it is an actual session I have changed the name of the person to protect her privacy but you can see in the session how the Higher Self and the healing process works.


Please note the places where I ask for the Higher Self to lift the resistance. Though our images are often very benign and even mystical, they can cover a lot of pain and distress. Also, note the images that are dark and how the Higher Self will help us through them.


Jean: Hi Kathy, Welcome.

Kathy: Hi.

Jean: Are you ready to start?

Kathy: Yes.

Jean: Let’s start by relaxation. Try to do some deep breathing to get into your body.

Jean: Take long slow breaths, breathing in relaxation and letting go of tension.

Kathy: I feel so happy suddenly like meeting a long lost friend.

Jean: Now that you’ve taken some breaths, can you imagine a white ball of light way up in the universe coming down and entering your head?

Jean: Imagine the white light filling your body from the top of your head down to the bottom of your feet. Then take the light deep down into the earth.

Jean: Let me know when you are finished with the light.

Kathy: Yes.

Jean: Now, we are going to invite your Higher Self to come in. I ask mine to work with yours. She will do the work. I will be asking you how you are feeling and try to tell me as best you can.

Kathy: Okay.

Jean: Tell me how you are feeling now.

Kathy: Sad.

Jean: Let your Higher Self now give you enough strength to go through the sadness and show you what it is about.

Jean: What is going on now, Kathy?

Kathy: I am not fulfilling my purpose in this life.

Jean: I am going to ask your Higher Self to help you by giving you more strength and taking off any resistance to seeing yourself clearly.

Jean: What are you seeing, feeling, hearing, Kathy?

Kathy: I see myself seated and an angel standing over me. In the background there is like a white cloud with a black hole in it.

Jean: Ask the angel if she has a message for you.

Kathy: Do not deviate, my child and she puts her hand on my head.

Kathy: She tells me to stay away from the black hole.

Jean: I will ask your Higher Self to make clear what the angel means about “deviate”. I will also ask your Higher Self to make clear to you what the black hole represents.

Kathy: I’m feeling fear.

Jean: OK I will ask for strength for you and for your Higher Self to take you very gently through the fear. I am with you also.

Kathy: It is totally dark now. Only you are there with me.

Jean: OK We will go together through the dark. Try to have courage and know that you are not alone. Tell me when you get to the other side.

Kathy: It is like an endless vortex. It is spiralling down but things are getting brighter and brighter.

Kathy: I’m out on the other side.

Jean: Oh that’s wonderful! Now let your Higher Self show us what she wants us to see next.

Kathy: There is white cloud all around, a beautiful land, flowers, birds, trees, cows.

Kathy: a question is forming-is this for real.

Jean: It is for real, Kathy. Just take it in and let your Higher Self take you forward.

Kathy: I see 3 people.

Jean: Who are these three people?

Kathy: I don’t know.

Jean: I’ll ask your Higher Self to shine a light on them and make them very clear to you.

Kathy: Three monks!

Jean: Ask them in your mind why are they there?

Kathy: they are not clear. But they are pointing behind them and there a golden land beyond.

Jean: OK Let your Higher Self take you to that golden land.

Kathy: There is a deity in the clouds.

Jean: I’m going to ask if there is any resistance and if there is, to show it to you.

Kathy: Jean, this is embarrassing.

Jean: What is?

Kathy: It is a man ‘deity’ and he is sitting up and pointing you-know-what at me.

Jean: OK, I’m going to ask your Higher Self to shine a light on this man and make clear why he is showing up and doing that.

Kathy: I feel like throwing up. He is so repulsive.

Jean: I’ll ask for strength and healing energy for you, Kathy. Stay with it if you can. Who does he represent?

Kathy: He is feeling up the whole space and he is so huge.

Jean: I’ll ask your Higher Self to make clear to you who he is.

Kathy: Something in me is telling him to get out of my life.

Jean: Let yourself say it to him, Kathy.

Jean: Shout it if you feel like it.

Jean: Where is he now?

Kathy: He has dissolved.

Jean: Great!

Kathy: My body feels hot.

Jean: Stay with the warmth for a minute, Kathy and then I will ask your Higher Self to bring you back to your body, feeling relaxed and grounded.

Jean: When you feel ready, you can open your eyes.

Kathy: I wish I knew more about that man.

Jean: We will work on that Kathy. In the meantime, you did great work today and should be proud of yourself.

Kathy: Thank you, Jean!