Soul Example

The following is excerpt from a recent session I had in my chat room and it clearly demonstrates soul retrieval process and how the Higher Self assists in the process.

Although it is an actual session I have changed the name of the person to protect their privacy but you can see in the session how the Higher Self and the healing process works.

Jean: You can ask your Higher Self to come in now and take you on a healing journey. I’ll ask my Higher Self to work with yours.

Jean: How are you feeling now?

Linda: very relaxed, and seeing the image of the young toddler I was

Jean: can you describe the picture you’re seeing. Age, what she looks like, feels like

Jean: Bring all your senses into the picture if you can

Linda: maybe a year old, sitting, looking dirty and battered and bruised.

Linda: just walking up to her.

Jean: Good. We’ve come back to the picture we left last time.

Jean: How are you feeling about her?

Linda: a little standoffish – she looks bewildered and confused

Jean: Let’s ask your Higher Self to surround you both in light so that you can understand each other.

Jean: What are you getting now, Linda?

Linda: she is confused and frightened with all the fighting and arguing

Linda: she looks lonely

Jean: I’ll ask your Higher Self to help you reach out to her and take her in your arms

Jean: Can you make the connection with her, Linda?

Linda: I feel like bringing my parents in first to do that, can I do it this way first?

Jean: Of course. Do it anyway it feels ok.

Jean: I’ll ask your Higher Self to help in this.

Jean: What’s going on now?

Linda: I’ve had my parent’s hugging her and now I’m going to try

Jean: ok. If there’s any resistance I’ll ask your Higher Self to show it to you

Linda: oh she’s beautiful and cooing and giggling, I’m taking her in to my heart …

Jean: I’ll ask your Higher Self to blend her with you

Jean: Is she able to go into your heart?

Linda: yes and I have blended 🙂